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Current Projects

Project titleContactFunding agencyPeriod
SoundAct: The Actuation of Sound Change
Jonathan Harrington ERC 2023-2028
New Perspectives on Diphthong Dynamics Marianne Pouplier DFG 2023-2025
Functional predictors for communicative and participatory aspects in speech sound disorders (apraxia of speech, aphasic phonological disorders) Ingrid Aichert DFG 2020-2025
Motor speech and language in typical development and in complex neurodevelopmental conditions Theresa Schölderle DFG 2020-2025
Speakers, Listeners, Languages: Patterns Of Variability And Contrast In Spoken Language Dynamics Marianne Pouplier DFG 2021-2024

EVOTONE: The emergence and evolution of linguistic tone

James Kirby ERC 2018-2024
Oral-History.Digital: Informationsstruktur für die Erschließung, Recherche und Annotation von audiovisuellen narrativen Interviews. Florian Schiel DFG 2020-2023

Verbundprojekt SPEAKER: Aufbau einer führenden Sprachassistenzplattform 'Made in Germany'. Teilvorhaben: Generierung von Sprachdaten

Florian Schiel BMWi 2020-2023

The Influence of Insect Noise on Human Language

Florian Schiel DFG 2022-2024
Predictive Timing in Speech Perception and Production Phil Hoole DFG 2017-2023
Motor speech disorders in primary progressive aphasia (PPA): clinical presentations and neuroanatomical correlates Anja Staiger DFG 2018-2023
Typology of vowel and consonant quantity in southern German varieties: acoustic, perception, and articulatory analyses of adult and child speakers (project stage 2) Felicitas Kleber DFG 2020-2023
Human interaction and the evolution of spoken accent Jonathan Harrington ERC 2017-2023
Modelling the actuation of sound change: a phonetic investigation into /s/ to /sh/ retraction Mary Stevens DFG 2018-2025
Loss of semantic processing abilities after brain damage - standardization of an assessment tool Katharina Hogrefe BMBF 2018-2022
Nasal coarticulation and sound-change: a real-time MRI study Phil Hoole DFG 2017-2022
BAS - Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals Florian Schiel Industry since 1995