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PD Dr. habil. Dr.-Ing Florian Schiel

PD Dr.habil. Dr.-Ing Florian Schiel

Scientific staff


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Institut für Phonetik und Sprachverarbeitung (IPS)
Schellingstr. 3/II (VG)
80799 München

Room: Akademiestr. 7, 007
Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 - 73545
Fax: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 - 5790


Research areas

  • Speech processing
  • Speaker features
  • Speech databases

Current Projects

Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals

Agent Based Modelling of Sound Change


Florian Schiel received his Dipl.-Ing. and Dr.-Ing. degrees from the Technical University in Munich in 1990 and 1993 respectively, both in electrical engineering. His doctoral thesis deals with automatic speaker adaptation in ASR.

Since 1993 he was mainly affiliated to the Institute of Phonetics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (LMU), leading the German VERBMOBIL, SmartKom, BITS and SmartWeb project groups. In 1994 and 1997 he spent 6 months each as a research fellow at the International Computer Science Institut (ICSI), Berkeley, California. In 2001 Florian Schiel earned the German 'Habilitation' about the relation of speech technology and phonology at the philosophical faculty of the LMU and since then holds the chair of Phonetic Speech Processing.  From 1996 to 2010 he acted as founding director of the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals (BAS) at the LMU München. In 2005 he founded the spinoff BAS Services Schiel in Munich, Germany. Currently he is CEO for BAS Services and is tenured as a senior researcher at the new Institut of Phonetics and Speech Processing at LMU.
In 2009 he initiated the 'Empirical Speech Processing' graduate school at LMU (together with Chr. Draxler). His present research interests include the analysis and modelling of user specific states based on large data sets, empirical speech analysis in general, speech corpus production and evaluation, speaker verification and forensic phonetics.