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13.08.2018 Deutschlandfunk Es konnte gefährlich sein mit meiner Mittelstands-Aussprache Interview with Jonathan Harrington in the DLF programme Forschung Aktuell ('Science today')
06.06.2018 Süddeutsche Zeitung Mehr als Worte Newspaper report about Mona Späth and Hanna Jakob and their startup company Neolexon
19.03.2018 BBC Future How hard is it to fake an accent? Jonathan Harrington about unconscious imitation of accents
07.07.2017 The Times Richard Morrison: Has ‘Blowers’ been discriminated against for his posh voice? Nah! This article on how RP has changed refers to Jonathan Harrington's research on sound change: "[...] the rise of working-class politicians: all these left their trace on RP. The most memorable research on this was done by Jonathan Harrington, who analysed three decades of the Queen’s Christmas broadcasts and found that even Her Majesty no longer speaks 'the Queen’s English' [...]"
04.02.2016 BBC Future Has the Queen become frightfully common? Report about the IPS research on sound change which has been based on the Queen's Christmas broadcasts
19.05.2014 BR Campus Magazin: Der Europäische Forschungsrat ERC TV report on Marianne Pouplier's ERC-funded project 'Stability and change in sound patterns of the world’s languages'
03.04.2012 BBC Radio 4 The Queen's Speech Jonathan Harrington about sound change
09.08.2011 Deutschlandradio Wissen Sprachsynthese - Das Problem, eine menschliche Stimme zu generieren Florian Schiel in a radio broadcast on speech synthesis