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Completed Projects

Project titleContactFunding agencyPeriod
Crowdbased Assessment of Communicative Impairment in Dysarthria – Development and Evaluation of the KommPaS WebApp Katharina Lehner Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung 2019-2021
Synchrone Variabilität und Lautwandel im Europäischen Portugiesisch: Die Entwicklung von nasalen Vokalen und Diphthonge Conceição Cunha BMBF 2017-2021
The impact of auditory feedback on error monitoring and phonetic category representation in a second language Eva Reinisch Emmy Noether (DFG) 2015-2021
CLARIN-D Christoph Draxler BMBF 2011-2020
IPIPAPA: Automated Phonetic Transcription of Lyrics in Sheet Music Korbinian Slavik, Christoph Draxler BMBF, Europäischer Sozialfonds 2020-2021
Speaking in typical development and after early brain damage: A development-based neurophonetic investigation of childhood dysarthria Theresa Schölderle DFG 2016-2020
Typology of Vowel and Consonant Quantity in Southern German varieties: acoustic, perception, and articulatory analyses of adult and child speakers (project stage 1) Felicitas Kleber DFG 2016-2019
Paths to phonological complexity: Onset clusters in speech production, perception, and disorders Marianne Pouplier ANR-DFG 2015-2019
The interplay of segmental with prosodic structure in phonetic planning: Evidence from apraxia of speech Ingrid Aichert DFG 2015-2018
Speech and Language Processing: How Words Emerge And Dissolve Jonathan Harrington, Marianne Pouplier Research Focus, LMU Center for Advanced Studies 2015-2017
Sound change and the acquisition of speech Jonathan Harrington ERC 2012-2017
Stability and change in sound patterns of the world’s languages
Marianne Pouplier ERC 2012-2017
Speech and non-speech motor control of the oral-laryngeal-respiratory system: clinical studies Anja Staiger DFG 2011-2017
Rhythmic entrainment in individuals with dysarthria following Parkinson’s disease or spinocerebellar disease Mona Späth Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes 2015-2016
Cognitive and neural bases of gesture and prosody in discourse Katharina Hogrefe DFG 2013-2016
Prosodic and gestural entrainment in conversational interaction across diverse languages: PAGE Jonathan Harrington Volkswagen foundation 2013-2015
Production and perception in CI-speakers Phil Hoole DFG 2012-2015
The relationship between coarticulation, prosodic weakening, and sound change Jonathan Harrington DFG 2012-2015
Speech of Intoxicated Speakers Florian Schiel DFG, BAS, BADS 2009-2015
Basic Research in Speech Disorders
Jonathan Harrington, Phil Hoole, Marianne Pouplier, Wolfram Ziegler LMUexcellent 2013-2014
Do you hear who is talking? Speaking rate normalization in multiple talker conversations
Eva Reinisch Humboldt 2012-2014
Analysis of alcoholized speech
Florian Schiel DFG 2011-2014
ALC-Alcohol Language Corpus Florian Schiel
Vowel tensity in Standard Austrian and Standard German Jonathan Harrington DFG 2011-2013
Gestural Cohesion and Timing in Speech Production Marianne Pouplier Emmy Noether (DFG) 2007-2013
Articulatory cross-language study of initial consonant clusters in varying prosodic conditions Phil Hoole DFG 2006-2012
Sound change, lexical frequency, and variability Jonathan Harrington DFG 2006-2011
Analyses of the post-vocalic voicing contrast in two varieties of German Jonathan Harrington DFG 2006-2011
Speaker characteristics and the speech community Jonathan Harrington LMUexcellent Investitionskonzept 2007-2010
STRETTS: Structure of tonal representations Jonathan Harrington DFG 2006-2010

Completed before 2010

Project titleContactFunding agencyPeriod
Factors influencing regressive place assimilation in connected speech Marion Jaeger DFG 2006-2008
An investigation of the structure of Australian Aboriginal Languages Jonathan Harrington DFG 2006-2007
ECESS Uwe Reichel
Creating a multi-speaker epoch detection reference Siemens AG, Munich
The 3D EMA project Phil Hoole
Principles for future improvements in speech synthesis in car environments
PHONOLEX Florian Schiel
SpeechDat Christoph Draxler
DFG Schwerpunkt Sprachproduktion Compensatory Articulation and the nature of phonetic goals
German Vowels Phil Hoole
BITS - BAS Infrastructures for Technical Speech Processing Florian Schiel BMBF
SmartWeb Florian Schiel 2004-2007
SmartKom Florian Schiel
VERBMOBIL Florian Schiel BMFT 1993-2000