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Admission Test

Prerequisites for entry to the M.A. course "Phonetics and Speech Processing" include an initial higher education degree or an equal degree in the disciplines of Phonetics, Speech technology, Computational linguistics, Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Speech Therapy or Psychology as well as the successful completion of an admission test.

The purpose of the admission test is to assess the qualitative prerequisites for the M.A. Course as well as the proficiency gained with the attained degrees. These prerequisites include proficiency in at least two of these four areas: articulatory and perceptive phonetics, psycholinguistics, statistic modelling, programming as well as usage of speech databases.


Applications for the admission test must contain the following documents:

  • one completed questionnaire (the questionnaire is in German and is available in downloads),
  • one short resume
  • one letter of motivation (German or English), in which (1) the motivation for studying Phonetics in Munich, (2) the proposed foci of study, as well as (3) the training received so far are stated
  • one copy of the diploma of the initial higher education degree (should the diploma not be available at the time of application a transcript of records for at least 150 ECTS from the first course of study has to be submitted).

Please send all the above documents as one file to no later than 3 weeks before the end of the lecture period (→ academic calender) of the preceding summer term.

In the summer term 2021, admission tests will take place on July, 20th and 21st.


An unsuccessful admission test can be repeated once, but not earlier than the next  possible date of immatriculation.