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The IPS welcomes the EKN and new staff!


On October 1, the Institute of Phonetics and Speech Processing welcomed a large number of new staff members. Tom Lentz joined us as a new Post-Doc and Miguel Llompart-Garcia as a new PhD student together with IPS BA/MA graduate Nikola Eger, who is staying on for her PhD. A warm welcome to Tom, Miguel and Nikola!

In particular, we are delighted that the EKN (Entwicklungsgruppe Klinische Neuropsychologie) and director Wolfram Ziegler have officially moved from Klinikum Bogenhausen to their new home here at the IPS. The EKN is renowned for 25 years of world-famous research on speech, language and nonverbal communication. While the EKN has always been affiliated with the IPS, we look forward to much closer collaboration in the coming years. Welcome to the EKN!