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E-Mail account at the LMU

Since the beginning of 2024, new employees can use an e-mail account at LMU.

The account is created when you first register for the LMU user account.

The e-mail addresses have the form {LMU username} .

LMU also offers an e-mail service for students.

E-Mail Forward to LMU User account

If the IPS user account is activated, e-mails to [firstname.lastname] are usually forwarded to the e-mail address of the LMU user account, e.g. to

Employees can also have their own email account set up at the institute.

E-Mail account at the Institute

You can query the e-mail account with the usual E-mail programs (Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, MS Outlook, etc.) via IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and transfer the E-mails to your workstation (notebook, PC).

When using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), the e-mails basically remain on the server and are downloaded if necessary. With Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook, however, the e-mail boxes can also be synchronized locally (e.g. your notebook) so that they are also available offline.

Mails can be sent via SMTP after authentication.


Your access data are:

    Your E-Mail address:

    Incoming mail server: IMAP:

    Encryption: STARTTLS (TLS)

    Outgoing mail server SMTP:

    Encryption: STARTTLS (TLS)

    Username: login

    Password: (The password of your user account)


 Recommended mail application is Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird should configure your mail account automatically when you enter your E-Mail address .


No connection:

Some internet providers allow only connection to well known E-Mail providers or block some interent ports generally. Best option is to use a LRZ VPN Connection to the Münchener Wissenschaftsnetz (MWN).

Recommended port configuration:

  • IMAP STARTTLS Port 143
  • SMTP STARTTLS Port 587

Automatic e-mail reply for e-mail accounts at the institute

With the help of the Linux program vacation, a mail forward is set up so that the sender of a mail is automatically replied to in order to inform the sender that you are currently unable to read mails, e.g. because you are on holiday.
Log on to a Linux computer and open a terminal or via SSH.
via SSH.
The small programme gives interactive instructions to activate/deactivate the automatic reply and to edit the notification message.
The manual is the same as for most UNIX commands:
man vacation
So that it will be a nice holiday :)


Please note the privacy policy of the LMU for "E-Mail-Nutzung".

E-mail aliases

You can find the institute's e-mail aliases in the IPS wiki. For IPS staff only.