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EADH Workshop: Annotation of digital oral data collections in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Full day hands-on tutorial workshop on Dec. 7, 2018 at EADH in Galway, Ireland


Christoph Draxler, CLARIN-D centre Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals, Munich

Hanna Hedeland, CLARIN-D centre Hamburg Centre for Language Corpora, Hamburg

Kristin Bührig, CLARIN-D centre Hamburg Centre for Language Corpora, Hamburg

In many scientific fields, ranging from phonetics, applied linguistics or discourse analysis, to literary studies, sociology and history among others, annotation is the common ground for systematic and empirical analysis of oral data. While the structure and the theoretical basis for the annotation and the preferred methods of analysis might differ, the main aspects and the specific conditions pertaining to the modality of the data are shared across disciplines. In this workshop, we will first give an introduction to theoretical issues and frameworks relevant to annotation in general and discuss current methodological approaches to the annotation of oral data. In hands-on sessions we will then present and compare existing tools and web services, including editors for manual transcription and annotation such as EXMARaLDA, WebAnno or OCTRA, and their interaction with and integration of automatic web services such as WebMAUS.

Please register for the workshop by sending an email to until 03/Dec/2018.

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