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Dr. phil. Conceição Cunha

Dr. phil. Conceição Cunha

Associate staff

Research Interests

Language variation and change, consonant coordination, speech errors, speech perception, intonation, prosody, articulatory phonology, historical linguistics, Romance linguistics


Conceição Cunha studied Modern Languages and Literatures at the University Porto in Portugal (2003) and Comparative Romance linguistics (2008) with a Master Thesis on “The syllable structure of Portuguese” at the University Tübingen in Germany. In 2012, she finished her Dissertation on “The organization of consonant clusters and CVC sequences in two Portuguese varieties” (in German) in the International Doctoral Programm
on Linguistics at the LMU Munich under the supervision of Jonathan Harrington (Institute of Phonetics and Speech Processing) and Thomas Krefeld (Romance Linguistics). Since April 2012, she has had a Post-Doc position at the Institute of Phonetics and Speech Processing and works on Language variation and change.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

  • Cunha, C. 2015. Portuguese lexical clusters and CVC sequences in speech perception and production. Phonetica, 72. 138–161.
  • Cunha, C. 2015. captar‐cap(i)tar, facto‐fato: Variation und Wandel bei Plosivsequenzen im Portugiesischen. promptus – Würzburger Beiträge zur Romanistik. 57-87. (open source).
  • Cunha, C. 2014. Neutralisierung lexikalischer Unterschiede im europäischen und brasilianischen Portugiesisch: Interaktion von Sprachproduktion und Perzeption. Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik - Beihefte. 33-50.
  • Cunha, C. 2011. Die Perzeption lexikalischer Plosivcluster und CVC-Sequenzen im Portugiesischen. JournaLIPP. Vol I. 71–88 (open source).


  • Cunha, C. 2015. Die Organisation von Konsonantenclustern und CVC-Sequenzen in zwei portugiesischen Varietäten. Münster: Monsensstein und Vannerdat.
  • Cunha, C. 2008. A Estrutura Silábica do Português: - abordagem comparativa entre o Português Europeu e o Português Brasileiro. unpublished M.A. Thesis, Eberhard-Karls Universität Tübingen.

Edited books

  • Cunha, C.; Graziadei, D.; Jaki, S.; Pröbstl, T.; Söllner, L.; and Stange, S. 2012. Über Grenzen Sprechen: Mehrsprachigkeit in Europa und der Welt. München: Königshausen & Neumann.
  • Cunha, C.; Jaki, S.; Reiner, T. and Stangel, U. 2011. JournaLIPP. Vol I.

Contributions in edited volumes

  • Cunha, C. and Hoole, P. accepted. An apparent-time study on vowel contrast in Standard Austrian German. In Moosmüller, S., C. Schmid (eds.) Phonetik in und über Österreich.
  • Cunha, C., Harrington, J., Moosmüller, S. and Brandstätter, J., P. 2015. The influence of consonantal context on the tense-lax contrast in two standard varieties of German. In: Leemann, A., M.-J. Kolly, S. Schmid, V. Dellwo (eds.), Trends in Phonetics and Phonology. Studies from German speaking Europe. Frankfurt am Main / Bern: Lang. 65-77.
  • Cunha, C. 2011. A elisão vocálica no Portuguêu Europeu. In: Arden, M., C. Märzhäuser, B. Meisnitzer (eds.) Linguística do português: Rumos e pontes. München: Meidenbauer. 151-166.

Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

  • Cunha, C and Reubold, U. 2015. The contribution of vowel coarticulation and prosodic weakening in initial and final fricatives to sound change. International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Cunha, C. 2014. The implementation of medial stop clusters in European Portuguese: an articulatory account and some perceptual data. Proceedings of IberSPEECH 2014 VIII Jornadas en Tecnologías del Habla and IV Iberian SLTech Workshop.
  • Cunha, C., Harrington, J. and Reubold, U., 2014. Vowel coarticulation and undershoot in prosodically weakened positions. Proceedings of International Seminar on Speech Production, Cologne, Germany, 78-81.
  • Cunha, C., Harrington, J. and Hoole, P. 2013. A physiological analysis of the tense/lax vowel contrast in two varieties of German, Proceedings of Interspeech 2013. Lyon, France, 325–328.
  • Cunha, C. and Harrington, J. 2011. The gesture overlap in Portuguese lexical and post-lexical consonant clusters, Proceedings of International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP), Montréal, Canada.
  • Cunha, C. and Harrington, J. 2011. The perception of /pt/ and /kt/ in European and Brazilian Portuguese Proceedings of 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS XVII), Hong Kong: China.

Published peer-reviewed conference abstracts

  • Cunha, C. 2015. The influence of syllable position and prosodic weakening on the stability of fricative, Phonetics and Phonology in Europe, Cambridge, England.
  • Cunha, C. 2014. The production of /ʃ/-clusters in European Portuguese, Laboratory approaches on Romance Phonology, Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Cunha, C. 2014. Syllable affiliation of CVC-sequences in two Portuguese varieties: an articulatory account and some perceptual data, First Meeting DINAFON, Campinas, Brazil.
  • Cunha, C. and Reubold, U. 2014. The perception of the tensity contrast in two German varieties, LabPhon14. Tokio, Japan.
  • Cunha Cunha, C. and Brandstätter, J. 2013. The implementation of the tense - lax vowel contrast in two standard varieties of German, Phonetics and Phonology 9, Zürich: Switzerland.
  • Cunha, C. 2013. The production and perception of Portuguese consonant clusters and CVC-sequences. Phonetics and Phonology in Iberia, Lisbon, Portugal. 54-55.
  • Cunha, C. 2012. Inter und intra-gestural coordination of initial stop-liquid consonant clusters in two varieties of Portuguese. LabPhon13. Stuttgart, Germany.